Sundarban||the World largest mangrove forest


Sundarban is that the biggest flowering tree forest in the world. Sundarban is in South West a part of People’s Republic of Bangladesh, in the district of bigger Khulna. India shares a small amount of the forest with People’s Republic of Bangladesh. The largest delta in the world is Sundarban,the whole space is concerning thirty eight,000 sq. kilometers. Sundarban could be a giant block of littoral forests. the wonder lies in its distinctive natural encompassing. The Sundarbans square measure a locality of the world’s largest delta shaped by the rivers river, Brahmaputra River and Meghna. Thousands of indirect streams, creeks, rivers and estuaries have increased its charm. For miles and miles, the lofty treetops type an unbroken cover, whereas nearer the bottom, works of high ANd ebb-tide marked on the soil and tree trunks and also the many types of the natural flowering tree forest have much to supply to an inquisitive traveler.Sundarban is the natural residency of the world’s famous Royal Bengal Tiger, deer, crocodiles, jungle fowl, wild boar, Lizards,Smooth‑coated otter,Macaque and many more.Sundarban is the World largest mangrove with exotic birds, most ferocious tiger who kill to enjoy and mind men as easy pray.

Royal bengal tiger -bangladeshtourist,com

Royal bengal tiger -bangladeshtourist,comRoyal bengal tiger

Nickname of Sundarban:

The name have been derived from the Sundari trees that are found in Sundarbans in large numbers.That’s why People called it Sundarban(The world largest mangrove forest )

History of Sundarban:

The history of Beautiful Sundarban can be sketch back to 200-300 ad. Remains of a city built by Chand Sagar. Baghmara forest block has been found by  Chand Sagar. In the time of mughal period local kings tenure the forest of the sundarban to in inhabitant. In this time RAJA BASANTA RAI and his 5ds son of brother took shelter in the forest.In the time of portuguese period many of the buildings which are built by them later fell to hands. Testimony of the fact sketch from the remains at Netidhopani and places trowed  here and there all over the forest.



Maps of the Sundarban:


The best Places to Visit in Sundarbans:

Sundarban is the largest mangrove forest in the world. It is place of enormous beauty.which is one of the natural wonders of the world.Here is the list of best place to visit in Sundarbans:

Sudhanyakhali Watch Tower:

Most of the Royal Bengal  Tigers are sighted from this tower. Some other wildlife like axis deers, wild boars and crocodiles may also be seen from this watchtower.That’s why tourist choose this place mostly.This watchtower has a capacity to host 25 persons at a time.In Sundarban Sudhanyakhali Watch Tower is one of the famous place.

Sudhanyakhali Watch Tower

Sajnekhali Watch Tower:

Sajnekhali Watch Tower is counted among the most renowned watch towers in the Sundarban national park. The reason behind its popularity is its close proximity to a number of resorts in the Sundarban area. This place also serves as the head office of the forest department. A tourist can obtain the permission to enter the national park from this spot only. The watch tower can accommodate 20 people at a time. The major attractions in this region are Bono Bini Temple, Mangrove Interpretation Center and the tourist lodge of the Bengal Tourism Department. This watch tower makes exploring the wilderness fun and easy. Especially, the bird lovers get a special spectacle of avifauna species such as Pelican, Kingfishers, Plovers, Lap Wings, White Bellied Sea Eagle, Whimbrel, Curfews, and Sandpipers.

Sudhanyakhali Watch Tower


Bangladesh is a wonderful Country in the south asia. Bangladesh has many tourist spot. All spots are very attractive and popular. Sundarban is one of them. It is more beautiful place for the Tourist spot Netidhopani Camp as it is the end point for tourists visiting Sunderbans delta. Tourists can reach Netidhopani Camp by boat.

Sunderbans :

The Sunderbans National Park is a tiger and biosphere reserve located in the Sunderbans delta in the state of West Bengal (India). The Sundarbans is named after the Sundari trees which are found in bulk in this area. The park was established as a national park on 4th May 1984 as earlier it was created as wildlife sanctuary in 1977, designated as the core area of Sunderbans Tiger Reserve.

Sajnekhali :

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This is an attraction that none should miss. The Sundarbans is a magnificent spectacle. The sheer scale and the uniqueness of the entire ecosystem, makes it truly deserving of the World Heritage Tag.

Spotting a Tiger is a huge bonus. But mentally don’t plan for it. What one should look forward to seeing is the fantastic estuarine river system and a whole lot of superb flora and fauna.

Sajnekhali Bird Sanctuary

How to go :

You cannot  go sundarbans directly ,you should go first khulna district ,From dhaka you can go khulna using any of them

1.Bus services


3.Air services

Bus services:

Here are a list of Bus services you can go Sundarban:

·         Tungipara Express

·         Hanif Enterprise

·         Shohagh Paribahan

·         Diganta Paribahan

Bus fare 300 tk to 1300 tk BDT

Air Services:

You can go there and buy check also high class air ticket


Train Services:

Here is a list of train services you can go Sundarban from dhaka kamalapur railway station

·         SUNDARBAN_EXPRESS – 6:20

·         CHITRA -19:00

Train fare 550tk to 2000 tk  BDT

When you arrive khulna Water transport is the only means of communication for visiting the Sundarbans.Private motor launch, speedboats, country boats as well as mechanized vessel of Mongla Port Authority might be hired for the purpose.


Here are list of hotels in Sundarban:

·         Hotel Castle Salam

·         Kuakata Hotel Nest

·         Hotel Graver Inn International

·         Kuakata Grand Hotel & Sea Resorts

·         Tiger Garden International Hotel, Khulna Bangladesh

·         Cinderella Resort

Best time for visit:

Best time to visit the Sundarbans is from November to March. Exciting honey collection season is during April-May. Hunting is prohibited by law in the country for the preservation of wildlife.

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