Cox’s Bazar||Things You Must Know About Cox Bazar


Cox’s Bazar: 

Cox’s Bazar Sea Beaches The longest cl eanest sand shoreline on the planet. It is around 120 kilometers in length. Celebrated for the wide assortment of Cox’s Bazar. Green trees and alluring slopes on one side and water waves on the other. Great perspective of the dusk behind the blue rush of swimming around the edge is extremely energizing.

History of cox’s bazar:

cox’s Bazar was considered as the tourism capital of Bangladesh. Cox’s Bazar was named after Captain Cox, who was the director of British run the show. Notwithstanding the amazing ocean sea beach of Cox’s Bazar, voyagers visit Labni, Inni, Kutubdia, Ramu, Himchari, Moheskhalli, Sonadia, Ukhia and Teknaf to comprehend their regular magnificence, their lovely Cox’s Bazar sea beach and ancestral life and culture.



Why you should come visit cox’s bazar:

Cox’s Bazar is renowned for its long common sandy ocean beach.There were lot of  inns, motels and visitor houses for sightseers’ facilities and eateries for having an assortment of incredible nourishment still there at around that time. Be that as it may, throughout the years Cox’s Bazar has been changed into a bustling traveler city. It has more worldwide guests now than any other time in recent memory. The accessibility of more recreational offices is drawing in more vacationers each year.Cox’s Bazar has the world’s biggest whole ocean sea beach which extends in excess of 120 km. The whole cox’s bazar sea beach is a stretch of brilliant sandy ocean shoreline which is reachable by motorbike. The cox’s bazar sea beach gets occupied from November to early March.Today it is exceptionally all around associated via air and street interface with the capital of Bangladesh, Dhaka and the port city Chittagong. There are high-class coordinate transport/mentor administrations to and from Dhaka and Chittagong. Passing by transport or mentor will enable you to investigate the shocking scenes of Bangladesh.


So what Cox’s Bazar must offer?

Just everything in the event that I need to reply in one sentence. The 120 km long brilliant sand  sea beach is reachable by motorbike and that is something that pulls in a huge number of visitors from home and abroad.

Laboni Beach ( the most swarmed and happy shoreline since it is nearer to the downtown area)

Sughandha Beach (inside Cox’s Bazar city)

Himchari Beach (10 km south of Cox’s Bazar city)

Inani Beach (30 km south of the city)

Technaf Beach (in excess of 70 km south of Cox’s Bazar city)

Fish market:

How to go:

Intercity transport administrations interfacing Cox’s Bazar with Dhaka is outstanding amongst other Bangladesh brings to the table best. In excess of 60 mentors of around 20 eminent organizations leave Dhaka every day towards Cox’s Bazar. By and large the primary mentor is at around 9 am and the latter is around 11:30 pm. 4 kinds of mentors are accessible to the visitors:

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cox’s bazar

Air conditioning Sleeper Coach

Air conditioning Executive Coach

Air conditioning Economy Coach

Non AC and others

At first you stay at dhaka ,then you can go mohakhali bus terminal/Gavtoli bus terminal or any other repudiated bus counter such as (Green line paribahan,president travel ,London express,Ena transport ,star line,Royal coach etc ) after booking your ticket it take 6-8 hours for arrive cox’s bazar,

Where to stay:

 Here is a list of hotel rooms you can chosse one of them.

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