Cox’s Bazar


Chittagong is the capital of Tourist Division in south-eastern Bangladesh.


If you want to relax ,then this package is for you.


Cox's bazar tour 3 days 2 night

cox bazar Sea Beach is The longest cleanest beach in the world.Whenever you thoughts about  travel in Bangladesh,then cox bazar will come in front of the head. Not only domestic tourists, many tourists from all over the world also came to see the largest cox bazar sea beach in the world.cox bazar is said to be the tourist capital of Beautiful Bangladesh.It is around 120 kilometers in length. Celebrated for the wide assortment of Cox's Bazar.Green trees and alluring slopes on one side and water waves on the other make  cox bazar most beautiful and adorable sea beach in the world. 

Standard Tour package for cox’s bazar

Group size

Package(per person)



3 person


4 person


In Touch of Cox Bazar tour

  • vacation on world longest beach in the world.

  • Enjoy Inani beach and himchori waterfall.

  • Visiting peoples of cox bazar.

  • Speed boat ride.

  • Marine drive.

  • Radiant Fish World.

  • Surfing.

  • parasailing .

Day1:From Dhaka to cox bazar we arrive by air at 11:00 am,then direct go to hotel and take lunch ,after finishing lunch we see the beauty of cox’s bazar,enjoy cox’s bazar sea beach and see the most adorable sunset of cox’s bazar sea beach and night view of sea beach .
Day2:In the early morning we wake up and take breakfast ,after finishing breakfast we go to see the people's life in cox’s bazar.we visit fishing point of cox’s bazar,caught fish and return from their in the evening.
Day3: we go to see the most beautiful inani sea beach and himchori waterfall in the time of 12:00 am .we return to dhaka by air sharp at 1:00 pm.

Includes with tours

  • Three days and 2 night accommodation in cox's bazar 5 star hotel(long beach hotel).

  • complete food responsibilities on long beach hotel.

  • all transport rent in cox's bazar.

  • English speaking guide.

  • security guide .


Does not include

  • any personal item.

  • para-sailing in cox's bazar.

  • bike and speed boat rent in cox bazar.

Cox's bazar tour 3 days 2 night


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