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If you want to relax ,then this package is for you.


Bandarban Tour 4 Nights 3 Days



    There is no best place in which to experience the sorcery of the Hill Tracts than in the lively small Beautiful  town of Bandarban, which stay on the Sangu River, away 92 kilometer from Chittagong. The river is the centre of local life: epically long bamboo rafts, steered by a solitary boatman, drift leisurely downstream.

Standard Tour package for Bandarban

Tour Package

Group sizePackage
3 person$250
4 person$220

In Touch of Bandarban tours

  • 2 nights  AC Hotel Accommodation
  • 2 Day Sightseeing with private transport
  • Total Guide Services
Sightseeing :
  • Nilgiri, Chimbuk, Soilopropat, Golden Temple, Meghla & Nilachol.
  • Shilo probat, Meghla and some other tourist spot.
  • No Hidden Cost.

Day 1:

Tour will  start the journey from dhaka at 11 pm.

Day 2:

In the early morning we check in the Hotel. Refresh and take rest for few minutes. Take breakfast from the hotel, after breakfast the first day planning is to visit Beautiful Nilachol, Meghla and Golden temple (Buddha Dhatu Jadi).It is called as tiger hill. The view of Nilachal is so viewable for snapping and Meghla Parjatan Complex is the most wonderful visited spot for the tourists coming from all over the country. Meghla is known for a mini safari park, a zoo, boat journey and hanging bridge and the Bandarban Golden Temple is the largest Buddhist Temple with the second largest Buddha statue in Bangladesh.  After visiting this places we go back in the hotel and take rest.

Day 3:

The second day planning is to visit Nilgiri. Start 64 km journey from Hotel to Nilgiri. Nilgiri is one of the tallest top and most beautiful tourist spot in Bangladesh. In rainy season here creates a  viewable scenery, the whole spot is covered with the blanket of clouds. Traveler can enjoy a cloudy experience. Nilgiri is a nice place for campfire in the winter season.

Day 4:

The next day we visit On the way of Nilgiri and Chimbuk Hill also Sailopropat. Within 11.00am traveler will reach at Chimbuk Pahar. Chimbuk hill is the third highest mountain in Bangladesh. When it is a shiny day, traveler can see the shades of clouds over the hills. So it will be nice experience.Take dinner at the hotel and finally We will Reaching dhaka in early morning ..   

Bandarban Tour 4 Nights 3 Days


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