Many people think of picnics this winter, and some people think that relaxing vacation in the winter holidays.Picnic or just vacation, a place for those looking for a travel destination near Dhaka, HasnaHena Picnic Spot and Resort in Gazipur.Sandy pond, Nimple yard, Chauchala tin house and quiet environment, surrounded by rural greenery, rare image in this urban life.So, those who want to taste this rural prodigious beauty and taste of peace can go to Hasnaahnaya.
Hasnahanna Picnic Spot and Resorts located in Pubail College Gate of Gazipur, near Dhaka. About nine and a half bighas of land, in the environment of the rural environment, the beauty of this Picnic Spot is as beautiful as the photo.Green grass-covered fields, rows of trees around, ponded ponds, and hut in some places have made this place unique.Enjoying this rural original beauty out of urban life is truly enjoyable.
This is a shooting spot also.In addition to the aesthetic home of rural environment, there is a bungalow for vacation and night stay as a shooting or resort here.This bungalow, decorated with tradition and modernity, is a great place to relax.You can come out here with ease to picnic with family or friends or colleagues.There is a beautiful flower garden in front of Bangla. In the garden, you will see the flowering flowers of different colors.
The combination of many flowers, such as rhythm, garden luxury and more names, is here. The road after the garden. The streets will be seen by the roadside crusted water pond.If you want to sit in the pond binding, sit in the afternoon tea or coffee can meet family or friends.
Hasnahna’s heartbeat in a relaxed environment. Wherever you look around, you will find the evergreen rural nature of the mind.Almost 600 people can do picnic together here.
There are all types of picnic cooking methods. There is also a conference room for any corporate meeting, a bungalow house with four air-conditioned rooms.You don’t have to worry about security here.The surroundings of the greenery and the birdcake of bird calling will take you to the memory of childhood.
Birthday, Got Together, any event of 50 to 200 people can be arranged here. And there are 40 people staying here . The rent is not so much.

Contact: 01957345431

How to go:Tongi Station Road from Dhaka to Gazipur-bound bus will have to leave. Then on the flyover you will reach the college gate by Mirpur market. You will see Hasnahnar’s signboard at the college gate. Following the signboard, it will take 5 to 7 minutes on the way to reach Hasnahhena.