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Comilla-Most Beautiful Places In Comilla

DATE : November 30, 2018

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Comilla Comilla, officially known as Cumilla, is a city in the Chittagong Division of Bangladesh, located along the Dhaka-Chittagong Highway. It is the administrative centre of the Comilla District, part of the Chittagong Division. Comilla District is a district of Bangladesh located about 100 kilometers south east of Dhaka.   Things to do in Comilla:   Mainamati […]


Cox’s Bazar||Things You Must Know About Cox Bazar

DATE : November 8, 2018


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cox’s Cox’s Bazar:  Cox’s Bazar Sea Beaches The longest cl eanest sand shoreline on the planet. It is around 120 kilometers in length. Celebrated for the wide assortment of Cox’s Bazar. Green trees and alluring slopes on one side and water waves on the other. Great perspective of the dusk behind the blue rush […]


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